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His name is Taj (Crown)  Wajdi (of strong emotion, passion and love)

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BellyFit Classes

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Get your belly dance groove on and come get BellyFit with me!!!


BellyFit Punch Cards are available!

Drop-in Rate is $10 per class, or save $$$ by purchasing a 6-punch Punch Card for $30!  (Yes, that's only $5 per class!) ~ Summer Special $5 drop-in Rate!


BellyFit Punch Cards make GREAT Gifts for Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Mother's Day, New Mommys to work off the baby-weight, or for anyone who would like a fun and exciting dance/exercise class that feels more like having a party then exercize!!


Buy a few for yourself and for each of your family and friends so that you can

ALL take the classes together!


BellyFit will be a high-energy dance-packed class, filled with belly dance moves that will allow you to progress from couch potato to dance super star at your own level.  Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced dancers are welcome, we can scale the moves up or down to meet your level.  However, no prior belly dance experience is necessary.  This will be an energetic class designed to give you a fun way to get your dance groove on without it feeling like exercise... well, maybe just a little!  =)~  Yes, you will probably sweat, which is a good thing, as sweating gets the impurities out of your body.  Bring a towel and something healthy to drink with electrolytes to stay hydrated.  =)


Please note:  BellyFit is not a dance education class.  BellyFit is similar to what you would find in a Zumba Dance class.  If you are seeking dance education, regular belly dance classes are offered by Gypsy on Saturdays at Ottoman Belly Dance Studio & Boutique at the regular class rates. 


See Class Schedule for more information on all of Gypsy's classes.


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